Sam’s work comes before pleasure. Freda has one too many.

Radio Times: Jolene is careful what she wishes for.

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  • The housewarming party at the Dower House means trouble for Sid and Jolene. Not content with taking Fallon away to act as barmaid, Lilian has managed to nobble Freda and Kirsty as well. The Bull is very busy, and Jolene’s in quite a state trying to cope.
  • Oliver’s offer of surplus milk has been gratefully received at Brookfield, and David has adapted a barrel to store it. Joe will deliver it in his pony and trap every other day.
  • Kenton’s plans for the vegetable olympics are no further forward. He envisages a grand opening ceremony with torch bearer, acrobats and dancers, but so far he’s had very few offers of help. He comes to the Bull for a pint or two, hoping to drum up support and gain inspiration.
  • Jolene tries frantically to manage the kitchen and the bar, but the customers are becoming impatient. When Freda does finally show up, Jolene has to ring Bert to take her home – she’s had too much to drink at Lilian’s, and is in no fit state to work.
  • Sam isn’t keen to take his two weeks holiday with Kirsty. As he and David dress a heifer’s cut foot, Sam says he thinks a relief herdsman will unsettle the cows. David sings Kirsty’s praises, but it’s clear that Sam’s feelings for her have changed. David somehow fails completely to notice this.
  • Jolene’s disastrous evening is crowned by Lilian, who rings to say that as the Bull must be very quiet, maybe Jolene and Sid would like to call round for a drink. Jolene is lost for words.

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