Jennifer makes life difficult for Brian. Brian makes life difficult for everyone.

Radio Times: Jennifer puts her foot down.

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  • Jennifer’s fury with Brian does little to improve his temper. He refuses to help Adam on the farm, and forces a very reluctant Tom to help instead. Tom, worried for the future of the sausage enterprise, tries to get the truth about Brian’s mood out of Adam, but Adam keeps quiet.
  • Lizzie does her best to help Siobhán. She suggests that Ruairidh stay at Lower Loxley with the twins while Siobhán has her treatment in Felpersham, but Siobhán is adamant; she must go to Ireland.
  • Clarrie is delighted and proud when Eddie wins his heat in the Town Crier competition. Clarrie attributes his success to Lilian’s alcohol-free coaching. Derek Fletcher and Bert Fry were no match for Eddie, though Bert claims he’s focusing on becoming a guide at Lower Loxley now.

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