Joe sets about fund-raising. Sam and Jill are concerned about Ruth.

Radio Times: Joe shows an entrepreneurial streak.

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  • As Sam has his breakfast at Brookfield, he can’t fail to notice that there’s a chill in the air. Jill arrives to collect some windfalls for her church window fund-raising enterprise, and is short with David when he, yet again, launches into a lengthy account of Sophie’s many talents.
  • When David has gone, Jill asks Ruth if she’s all right, but Ruth doesn’t want to discuss matters. Later on, Sam asks her the same thing, and again, Ruth won’t be drawn. It’s clear she’s increasingly upset at David’s lack of sensitivity.
  • For his church window effort, Joe has decided to erect an advertisement hoarding in his field, and rent space to local entrepreneurs like Tom, but first he’s going to do a traffic survey.
  • Jill tells Phil about her concern for Ruth. She now learns that Sophie is coming to the grape picking at Lower Loxley. Phil is dismissive, but Jill says she just hope David recognises where his priorities lie.

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