Sam looks after Ruth. Adam falls out with Matt. Alan delivers the goods.

Radio Times: Adam starts to feel the pressure.

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  • Alice and Jennifer have differing views of Alice’s 18th birthday celebrations. Jennifer has arranged two parties, one for Brian’s business contacts and the other for Alice’s friends. Alice is appalled at the prospect of oldies on the dance floor, but Jennifer thinks they will bring expensive presents.
  • Adam is, as usual, in a bad mood. He’s had an email from Debbie, giving him more orders when he’s already pushed to the limit. She also demands more photographs of the crops. Jennifer finds herself caught in the middle as she tries to cheer Adam up and listen to Alice’s request for items for the stall she and Amy are running for the church appeal.
  • Phoebe has shown Alice a project she’s doing at school, and as a result, Alice wants Adam to sow wild-flower margins round all the fields. Adam’s response is predictable; he’s far too busy.
  • Adam’s mood darkens yet more when Matt stops him and angrily demands to know why he’s spraying so close to the margins, which are there to provide food for the partridges. Adam replies in kind, whereupon Matt goes off to email Debbie. True to type, Debbie immediately emails Adam telling him to be more reasonable with Matt. Matt later meets Alice out riding, but when he starts to complain about Adam, she stands up for him.
  • Ruth and Sam look at the cows, and Sam, realising how low Ruth’s spirits are, suggests that she comes over to his place for lunch. He’s made Lasagne, his speciality. Ruth accepts, and enjoys her lunch.
  • Alan’s Dial a Vicar idea has really taken off, though he’s not seeing much financial reward yet. One of his customers is Josh, who rang to order sweets and crisps. When Alan delivers them to Brookfield, Ruth has no money to pay Alan, but Sam gives him £10 for the fund. He tells Ruth he’s happy to be of service.

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