Kate causes problems. Vicky sees a way to solving a problem.

Radio Times: Kate has some upsetting news for Phoebe and there is a new recruit at the dairy.

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  • Jennifer calls to buy cream from Ambridge Organics, in preparation for Phoebe’s pre-Christmas dinner. She meets Vicky, who gushes fulsomely over Helen’s pregnancy, and tentatively asks whether Pat has yet found a replacement. She wonders whether she might fill the gap; after all, if Susan can learn the job …
  • Brian is appalled at the number of presents Kate has bought for Phoebe. Ruairidh has only one. Kate, of course, dismisses any attempt to remonstrate over this. Jennifer seems unaware of the problem. She is more upset by the fact that Alice is not home yet.
  • Vicky calls at Bridge Farm to enquire about the vacancy. She can offer three days a week, but could perhaps manage more. At first Pat is not keen, but she warms to the idea, and they agree on a trial period. Helen calls to offer more help, and Vicky takes Helen aback when she insists on feeling the baby kick.
  • At first Phoebe is thrilled by her ‘Christmas’, and especially with the laptop Brian and Jennifer have bought her. Poor Ruairidh is very upset at seeing Phoebe so spoilt while he has just one small present, and runs out crying. Jennifer has told Kate she must tell Phoebe about her extended holiday, but Kate, as ever, refuses to listen. But Jennifer persists, and predictably, Phoebe is very upset, especially when Kate is evasive about the actual length of her stay in SA. Suddenly her presents and the Christmas celebrations are forgotten. She wants to go home to Roy and Hayley. Kate, of course, insists that she is fine.

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