Pip’s research skills are put to the test. Harry’s patience is put to the test.

Radio Times: Pip gathers evidence while Harry is doubtful about Jazzer’s new purchase.

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  • David gives Pip a driving lesson, and soon finds she needs to concentrate more. Pip is full of confidence, however, and wants to book her test. How could she fail?
  • Eddie sends a bag of hay up to David. A dealer was selling it on the market, and Eddie wonders if it might be David’s stolen hay. Pip immediately does her research, identifying grasses which grow on Brookfield wet grassland. It must be the stolen hay.
  • David and Ruth discuss Pip’s application to Felpersham. They think it’s a great university; Pip has spoken to Brenda who loved it; Pip has (of course) done her research. Now she just needs to get her UCAS form in.
  • Jazzer invites Ed to see Harry’s flat. He’s bought an old fridge and put it in the living room to chill beers. Harry is less than enthusiastic when he sees it.
  • David rings the hay dealer, who claims at first he doesn’t know where the hay came from. When David gives his name, and says he thinks it might be his hay, the dealer warns him to be careful who he accuses. But David has no proof, so there’s no point in telling the police.

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