Lilian is definitely outstaying her welcome at the Bull but is still very depressed. David is planning the public meeting for the 20th.

Radio Times: Sid and Jolene limit the damage.

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  • Jolene has had enough of Lilian. She is turning the Bull into a bombsite but Sid won’t say anything – she is so up and down and surely Matt will see sense soon.
  • David is putting plans in place for the public meeting on the digester. Oliver is going to chair it as a neutral person. Bert even has the idea of a scale model for better impact. Pity they didn’t think of it earlier.
  • Ruth is already fed up with being an invalid. David is worrying she’ll do too much – she’s going to have to get used to being restricted, it’s going to last for weeks.
  • Lilian is explaining the details of the speed dating. Normally you have 4 minutes but no one in Ambridge is that interesting so they’ll stick with two. But her plans don’t seem to have gone beyond that. She has no idea about costs or advertising and so Jolene is going to have to take over the lot. Sid promises to talk to her when she’s feeling better – if they aren’t put out of business first.

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