Matt is forced to drown his sorrows. The biodigester is the talk of Ambridge.

Radio Times: Annabelle discovers the truth about Matt.

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  • Matt is in a black mood because Brian has kept him in the dark over the plans for the biodigester. Brian points out that it’s basically a family affair, and nothing to do with Borchester land – and then taunts Matt about Annabelle, even asking if Matt has got anywhere with her yet. Matt claims the relationship is ‘terrific.’
  • Lynda is on the biodigester trail, too, delicately asking David whether he intends to write an article for the parish magazine, or to raise it at a Parish Council meeting. She claims that several people have been asking her about it.
  • Having got nowhere with Brian, Matt has a go at Adam. But he has no luck there, either. Adam takes the same line as Brian, and tells Matt he won’t take a lecture from him. Adam then goes to Brookfield, where a meeting to discuss the expert’s visit is taking place. Ruefully, they realise that Susan, Joe, Lynda and even the silent Nigel Booth are now all on the case.
  • Matt drowns his sorrows at Grey Gables, but encounters a none too sympathetic Lynda, who extols Lilian’s ‘life force.’ When Annabelle appears, she is in brittle mood. She questions the wisdom of meeting there after her encounter with Lilian last week – and then tells Matt she has heard that Lilian has left him. Matt has been hoping for dinner a deux and something more – but Annabelle already has a date, and has just brought some papers for Matt to sign. There is nothing for it but for Matt to endure another gibe from Lynda and down a double whiskey.

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