Roy and Hayley and William are in competition to buy No.1 The Green.

Radio Times: Jennifer drops the facade at Home Farm.

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  • Adam challenges Jennifer on why she’s so irritable with Brian but she finally tells Adam about the new will. Adam simply walks off.
  • Roy rings Hayley at work. He’s desperate to see her as soon as he can. Something brilliant has happened. It turns out No.1 The Green is back on the market. The price has even dropped a bit. So they just might be able to make it work. It would mean Hayley has to go straight back to work after the baby. She isn’t happy but surely they have to go for it? Hayley agrees.
  • The Will rings Nic to say he’s got a surprise as well. They are going out – a posh restaurant and then a splurge in the shops. It won’t make a huge dent in £120,000. He’s going to plan treats for everyone and then maybe take out a mortgage somewhere and rent it out – No.1 The Green would be a great choice! He is going to see it first thing!
  • Adam is furious with Brian. Brian claims he still hasn’t made up his mind but Adam is sure it’s otherwise. There is no way the farm can support three people and he is expecting them to work for years without knowing what they can expect even when they are in their 50s. But Brian isn’t prepared to deny Ruairi a chance of a part in the farm. He is his son.
  • Brian gets angry with Jennifer for spilling the beans. But she isn’t apologising. She has kept enough secrets from her children in the past and she isn’t doing it again.

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