Lynda weaves a tangled web. Emma confronts the opposition.

Radio Times: Lynda flexes her writing muscles.

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  • An old college friend of Tom’s has invited him to a Young Farmers’ fun evening. He asks Will and Nic to come, too. Nic is worried that it will be too posh for her.
  • While Will gets changed for their evening out, Emma calls to pick up George. She is not happy to see Nic there, and is decidedly cool towards her, particularly when George makes it clear that he’s happy there with Nic.
  • A very unwilling Robert prepares for his journalistic assignment – to study the mating habits of the young farmers. When they arrive, Lynda is taken aback to see the Ambridge set there, and tries to bluff her way through with a series of lies and fudging. Tom and co are completely bemused, but reassure Nic that not everyone in Ambridge is as mad as Lynda.

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