Matt makes his plans for the future clear.

Radio Times: Brian and Jennifer fear the worst.

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  • Brian tells Adam that the Parish Council accepted his offer of a strip of land. The popular choice was for it to become allotments, though Lynda was still pushing for the Green Burial site. Adam likes that idea, but Brian can see it only in terms of druids, white witches and hippies.
  • Brian comments to Jenny that Lilian failed to make the PC meeting. Jenny’s not surprised; it must be hard for Lilian to hold things together with the trial hanging over her and Matt. Then Peggy rings in a distressed state; Lilian hasn’t turned up to help her with Jack. Jenny is furious – she knew Lilian would forget. Adam calms the situation by offering to go round.
  • A travel-stained Matt and Lilian arrive in a rainy Costa Rica. Lilian’s in a foul mood, but Matt is up-beat. They find a hotel, but not even a shower and the contents of the minibar appease Lilian. She wants to ring home, but Matt won’t let her. Lilian is looking on their situation as a rather uncomfortable holiday, but Matt is serious; he won’t go back – ever.
  • Adam manages to calm Jack, and pours Peggy a drink. Peggy’s worried because Lilian isn’t answering either her phone or her mobile. Adam says he’ll take the spare key and call at the Dower House. He amuses Peggy with an account of Ian receiving a complimentary season ticket for Felpersham City as a result of the fracas at Grey Gables.
  • Lilian finally rings Jennifer and tells her she’s in Costa Rica. She’s evasive about how long she’ll be away, and insists that Peggy is not told of her whereabouts. After the call, Brian comments that Matt’s done a runner; if it was a sunshine break they wanted, they could have gone to Spain. Poor Jennifer can’t imagine what she is to say to Peggy.

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