More rejections still don’t make Vicky see sense. Eddie’s let off with a warning after loosing bullocks.

Radio Times: Eddie fears he’s for the chop, and reality refuses to bite for Vicky.

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  • Tony’s quizzing Jonathan Bailey about the Echo’s story of the market moving. Tony would be in favour; moving stock through rush-hour traffic isn’t fun. Bailey smoothly tells him nothing but notes his vote in favour.
  • Tony’s then busy helping Eddie and others round up a dozen young bullocks that have escaped into the car park. Eddie’s schoolboy error, he left a gate open in the raceway. Fortunately, no damage to life or property results. He fears the sack and is grateful when Bailey just gives him a stern talking to. He gets another one from Clarrie later; Tony told her what happened because he knew Eddie was worried.
  • Samantha has her baby, err, calf. Another bull. That makes five out of nine. Ed isn’t surprised to hear Vicky’s two visits to possible buyers today didn’t go well. Why does she think chefs will buy veal from a cold caller? He then needs to explain to her that the calf will mean another nurse cow, so that’s one less milker. Mike’s blinkered though, he just tells Vicky how proud of her he is for persevering.
  • Ed later tells Eddie that it’s him that’s running the herd and he’ll have to do something.

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