Parenting gets tough in Ambridge with Kathy finding out about Jamie in the hide and Hayley and Roy finding out Kate let Phoebe skip school.

Radio Times: Hayley is outraged to hear Phoebe’s latest news, and Jamie has a lot to answer for.

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  • Kathy has thought about some new menus for the Bull (after her great success with the Hassett Room). Jolene seems pleased but Freda is a bit doubtful.
  • Kathy meets up with Kirsty at the Bull to talk about Jamie. Kathy is shocked but instantly blames Marty but she will make Jamie apologise to Patrick and Kirsty even though Kirsty doesn’t want him too – just to stop doing it. Kathy tackles Jamie about it and he is just pretty sullen about it. She threatens him that if he doesn’t apologise she will go to the police. Jamie does turn up and forces out an apology. Kirsty accepts the apology but says the next time she will call the police. Kathy is determined to get the other names but Jamie refuses and walks out.
  • Phoebe turns up back at Willow Farm with all her new gifts. Hayley is absolutely furious when they hear that Kate let her skip school. She tries to stress to Roy how wrong Kate is being, both in terms of spending too much money on her and on the skipping school. Phoebe reacts really badly to being told Kate shouldn’t have done it. They have fun together but her parents wouldn’t understand that would they. Hayley can’t bear to think it will be like this until next summer.

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