Peggy triumphs at the Flower & Produce Show.

Radio Times: It is the Ambridge Flower and Produce Show, and Lynda is determined to maintain order.

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  • At the Flower & Produce Show, Peggy had difficulty deciding which of the two enamelled brooches she should enter. Ted is an excellent teacher; his other ‘pupil’, Jill has entered a more conservative creation. Leonie and James have talked Lynda into giving them privileged access but they keep moving things and generally taking the piss out of everything and everybody.
  • Freddy is keen to visit The Stables, but no – he has prep to do. Curiously Elizabeth invites him to go to the F&P Show but would not hear of dropping him off at The Stables on the way. He must finish his chemistry – with help from Kenton if needed; that sounds like a lethal combination.
  • Back from The Laurels, Peggy avoids Leonie’s gushing approach, pleading that she wants to see how her brooch has fared. Also, Tony sidesteps her plan to visit Bridge Farm by pleading lack of time.
  • Peggy is thrilled to have won first prize but Jill has won nothing, while Bert practically cleared the board with his vegetables. Tony was hanging on to take Peggy home but is relieved of taxi duty by Elizabeth – so he still hasn’t raised the subject of a loan. Elizabeth and Peggy both have the experience of not being able to share things with their partner but agree that the day has done them good.
  • Leonie finds the judges comments ‘ridiculous’ and the whole thing so ‘villagy and quaint’. She is disappointed to learn that Lynda is planning a concert rather than a panto this year. She and James will be back soon for the Harvest Supper ‘do’. Deepjoy!

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