Shula and Alistair agree to be roommates at The Stables for now and a person from Jazzer’s past returns to Ambridge as Neil’s manager.

Radio Times: Shula makes a fresh start and Jazzer is surprised by a face from the past

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  • Jazzer and Rex have secured the escaped pigs and Jazzer declares they are wrapped up tight. He shocks Rex by asking for overtime pay to corral the pigs overnight until Jazzer laughs and tells a relieved Rex that a few pints will do it.
  • Shula is worried about a horse when Alistair comes to see the horse. Alistair makes a crack about sedating the horse before he examines her as he doesn’t want another kick in the teeth. He apologises for the remark but Shula says Dan and Jill have been criticising her as well. Shula thought everyone would adjust as time went on but that doesn’t seem to be happening. Shula says she is sorry; she can see how much she has hurt Alistair.
  • Rex speaks about Anisha and how they both need baths after a day’s work. Dan has found a stray piglet which he returns and Rex promises him a pint as well as a reward. Dan notes they can toast his promotion because he is now Captain Hebden-Lloyd now. Dan also refers to the separation of his parents. Why can’t they do it without hurting each other. Jazzer insists that Alistair should jump into the dating pool but Dan says it is way too soon.
  • Shula thanks Alistair for helping the horse. She brings up the restaurant where they had the first date when Alistair was called away for an emergency visit. Shula was impressed with his professionalism. Shula suggests they try living in The Stables together although not as a couple. A stranger comes in looking for a petrol station. Alistair leaves without giving her an answer. The stranger has lived in Ambridge previously, apparently.
  • Rex and Jazzer disagree about being part of a couple. The stranger then comes into pub and greets Jazzer. It is Hannah who used to work with Jazzer 10 years ago. She has been hired as the manager for Neil’s operation.
  • Alistair decides to take up Shula’s invitation to move back into The Stables–as her roommate. Dan comes in and is surprised to find Alistair moving back in. Not as a couple but until they can work out what happens next. Dan gives his good-byes and receives an emotional parting from his parents. After Dan leaves, Alistair turns to Shula and asks if they can do this. Shula replies there is only one way to find out.

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