Sid does not enjoy his new role.

Radio Times: Sid is an unhappy bunny on Easter Sunday.

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  • Most of Ambridge is heading to the Bull for Easter day lunch and free Easter eggs from the Easter bunny. Unfortunately the Easter bunny has missed her flight from Ireland, and Sid is forced to step into the costume. His mood is less than festive.
  • Helen and Annette join the crowd, affording Lynda a chance to demonstrate her fluent(?) French. Undeterred, Lynda tries yet again to persuade Neil to audition for the plinth, with his handbell.
  • David and Ruth have had most of the replies in for Phil’s birthday. Meanwhile they enjoy winding Pip up by telling her they are so impressed with her 5 mile diet, they’ve decided to make it permanent. Pip is not amused, but recovers when she sees the Bull menu.
  • Sid manages to upset most of the children with his ill temper. When Lynda tries to take an egg for Molly Button, a fight breaks out, and the combatants have to be separated by Jolene. She later gives Sid a telling off; the egg was for another child who is in hospital. Jolene has had to offer Mr Button a free meal and Lynda a free drink to compensate.
  • David, Ben and Neil all enjoy teasing Sid, whose temper is not improved by the heat of his costume. He takes off the rabbit head, reducing George Grundy to tears. For Jolene, it’s the final straw. She orders Sid to give every child a second egg, and to apologise to all the adults he’s upset. They do have a reputation to keep up. The rabbit had better hop it.

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