The BL Board say yes to Ed’s expansion plans but Ed himself is having cold feet.

Radio Times: Brian asserts his authority in the boardroom.

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  • At today’s BL Board Meeting, Brian is aiming to get unanimous support for his proposal to rent land to Ed – on the grounds of the good PR that will ensue. Jerry has researched the options and come up with two – a tactical move. One adjoins Grange Farm, the other is less convenient and a fairly useless parcel of land. Brian recommends offering the better plot for 10 years.
  • Meanwhile Mike and Ed are having their own meeting. Mike has done his homework and has come up with a draft agreement. However, it is not what Ed expected and he is not sure about it.
  • Andrew puts his opposition to the proposal, in essence that there are better and more profitable uses for the land. In normal times Brian might agree but these are not normal times; BL’s name is tainted by the fraud case and they need to take positive action to recover. They agree to rent the less convenient land for 5 years.
  • Ed really feels that what Mike is suggesting involves a much bigger financial commitment than he expected and doesn’t feel he can handle it. Mike tries hard to convince him that they could both do well out of it.

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