Wayne finds a new lodging but it’s much too close for Jolene’s liking.

Radio Times: Jim and Kenton hit the road.

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  • While exchanging news with Jolene, Lilian gets a text from Jennifer; she is needed at The Lodge. So she does not stay to hear Wayne’s news – he has found a room; furthermore it’s right here in the village: he is going to be Neville Booth’s lodger. Wayne is amazed that Jolene didn’t know about Neville having a room to let and not at all receptive to her suggestion that it will do until he can find something better – or further away is what she really meant. Anyway she agrees to take him to Felpersham to pick up his record collection: Neville is a Jazz and Blues fan.
  • It’s outrageous! Another new carer has turned up; that’s two in the same week. Dennis is very nice but now Peggy will have to explain the routine all over again; the agency is about to get a phone call and her daughters do not envy the person who is going to take it.
  • They were apologetic and said they will try to send either Brigitta or Dennis on Friday. They aimed to provide continuity but could not guarantee it.
  • Stranded outside The Bull while Kenton gets some drinks, Jim has to suffer a blow by blow account of Annette’s love life. She has met Max, a recent graduate from Loughborough who is picking potatoes at Bridge Farm. When a heavily laden Wayne returns, Jim offers to give him a lift to Neville Booth’s and Wayne promises an evening of Jazz and Blues. Jim comments that Alistair used to be a Blues fan but now that Shula has filled the house with plain chant he really knows what the blues is; that’s Kenton’s sister he is having a swipe at!
  • Peggy is incandescent. Dennis will not be coming on Friday; he will be at college. Brigitta will not be coming either; she has hurt her back. That’s it; she is going to cancel the contract.

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