The feud between Emma and Will doesn’t get any easier when George comes back from holiday walking.

Radio Times: Will and George have a homecoming.

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  • William is being difficult about taking George back to Emma when he gets back. He wants to take him back at the usual time. Ed is furious.
  • Ruth and David are rushing around tripping over Monty and Josh. If Monty has to go and sleep in the shed Josh is going too. David thinks it’s a good idea. Ruth and David have also been giving hints to Oliver on converting the buildings for the dairy herd. The Grundys had certainly let things run down. Oliver is still convinced he’ll have a going concern. Ruth is less sure.
  • George is back from his holiday, and he’s walking!! William is gloating about his first steps. And then they fight yet again about his half day. And it ends up with George as a tug of war. Clarrie is furious. She is ashamed of them all. Back in the caravan, Emma is distraught. She is convinced she is losing George to Will.

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