Things are still bad between David and Ruth. Alan finally makes some money at Dial a Vicar.

Radio Times: The atmosphere’s frosty for David and Ruth.

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  • Things are still frosty between Ruth and David. Ruth is furious that he discussed things with Sophie and she actually accuses him of wanting to spend the evening with her rather than Ruth and that he was thinking of Sophie when he went to bed. David just doesn’t get it! Once she finally packs him off with the kids to the Seed Walk, she decides she’ll enjoy walking the clover with Sam.
  • Alan’s Dial a Vicar service is not proving profitable. He’s very busy but they are all paying peanuts. But Usha hasn’t even thought of what to do yet. Then Alan gets a call to deliver a package to London for Matt – £150.
  • Bert and Freda have had a row too about the TV remote. Freda has confiscated it. But Alan has come to the rescue via Dial a Vicar and then he can’t escape! Then Bert wants him to take her support stockings back to Freda. Alan isn’t impressed!
  • Eddie is still trying to earn back the fiver he lost on the horse – but with scratch cards this time. Still no luck, so Alan suggests he lets God find a way!

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