Tom throws his toys out of the pram and blames his parents and Tony goes into an instant depression.

Radio Times: Tom lashes out, while Elizabeth sees a glimpse of the past.

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  • Tom has lost his best customer and blames his parents for sticking their heads in the sand and not doing anything. Turning down Borchester Life was a mistake. He should have stayed with Brian. At least he wouldn’t have just sat in the kitchen crying. He’s taking Bridge Farm off the label and going back to Tom Archer. He can’t be associated with Bridge Farm. They should have taken action earlier. Tony accuses him of only thinking about himself with no loyalty. But Tom says the ship is sinking and they have to save what they can.
  • Elizabeth asks Shula to take Freddie hunting. Shula thinks he is ready and agrees to take care of him. Elizabeth sees a photo of Nigel on horseback and tells Shula how much Freddie now reminds her of him.
  • Tony thinks Tom is being ungrateful after all the sacrifices they’ve made to hand on the farm. He thinks Tom just wants him out. Pat says they all have to pull together but Tony thinks it’s all over and the last 30 years have been a waste of time.
  • Pat has a go at Tom for not showing Tony respect. She won’t have him speaking to him like that again.

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