Usha has a fright. Mike has a bad day. Jill has a job to look after Phil.

Radio Times: Alan and Usha cope with the consequences.

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  • Jill insists on doing a huge cook before she goes away, ignoring Phil’s insistence that he is perfectly capable of looking after himself.
  • Mike’s in a foul mood. More of his customers have cancelled their milk order after hearing about more TB reactors in the herd. Ed thinks there might be something in the latest theory about badgers’ immune systems being weakened, leaving them open to TB. Mike pours scorn on it. If he had his way he’d shoot the lot.
  • Usha meets Ruth at the shop. She’s meant to be having supper with Alan, but he’s been called away, so she’ll go home to do some work and see him later. Ruth meets Mike and Ed as they head for the Bull. She’s full of sympathy – Brookfield has had TB on three occasions.
  • Ruth returns a case that Jill lent to Pip. Ruth offers to keep an eye on Phil, but Jill thinks he won’t let her. Phil comes in and insists that a rather reluctant Ruth should see his latest astronomical photographs. Jill promises to rescue her if necessary.
  • When Alan gets back, Usha walks round to the Vicarage, but is scared by someone following her. Alan goes out to look, but can find no-one. Usha becomes hysterical, and says it’s because Shula spoke out. She doesn’t have to live with the consequences of talking to the reporter, and Usha does. Alan tries in vain to defend Shula, but Usha is convinced that it’s all her fault.

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