Usha starts running with Annabelle. Alice returns to Southampton.

Radio Times: Usha finally meets her match.

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  • Usha’s back to running eight or so miles after her Christmas gluttony. Mabel served rice and peas with every meal. She passes Ruth on the way out, then, when she’s stopped for a bit, Annabelle catches her up and proposes they continue together. After much reciprocal complementing, Usha finds herself going home the long route, over Lakey Hill, and, although exhausted, agreeing to run together again on Wednesday.
  • Chris is despondent at leaving Alice in Southampton for ten weeks. Alice, pleased to spot all her new friends again, tries to cheer him up. Chris says he’ll ring her from home, it won’t cost then. She doesn’t want him to sit at home moping.
  • David decides a cow with a dodgy eye might need Alistair if it doesn’t improve. Pip’s interested in Borsetshire College’s open days on land and agriculture courses. David and Ruth are keen to encourage but Pip says it’s not definite she’s going to do one and goes to see what her friend Felicity has decided to do.

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