Vicky is forced to admit defeat. Jazzer is forced to accept Harry’s offer.

Radio Times: Vicky has high hopes for her meeting, and Brenda plots to oust her lodger.

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  • Vicky’s nervous as she sets off to see her sole remaining contact for selling her veal. Meanwhile Brenda arrives home for lunch to find that Jazzer has eaten everything.
  • At the Bull, Peggy has her first lesson on the computer with Harry. He proves a patient teacher, and Peggy a quick learner. By the end of the session Peggy is able to send Jennifer an email. She’s delighted, and will book another lesson.
  • Brenda calls at the Bull on Mike’s advice, to ask Harry a favour. Will he ask Jazzer once more whether he’d like to rent his spare room. Harry’s willing, but can’t see Jazzer accepting the offer.
  • As Jazzer and Mike fell some timber, Brenda and Harry approach. Brenda tells Jazzer he has until the morning to find new accommodation. Jazzer blusters for a while, then realises Brenda is serious. Harry repeats his offer, which Jazzer rejects with remarkably bad grace. Finally, though, he’s forced to accept or end up homeless.
  • Vicky returns from Birmingham very upset. The catering contact turned her down. She realises she was silly to think she could sell the veal. What is she to say to Ed now?

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